Salem’s Secrets

salemssecretsromanceAnnie expected the town of Salem to be filled with secrets, but the secrets hidden within her own family are far more dangerous than any of the village’s mysteries.

Annie’s moved across the country to do graduate work in New England with Professor Nathaniel Wright. She’s determined to uncover the truth of the witches of Salem and what really happened to them. Though she’s not a believer in the supernatural, not yet at least, her mind is open to the possibilities.

She soon learns that Professor Wright is not what he seems, but there’s something about the handsome young professor that draws her in. Annie denies her attraction to him, but she can’t help but fall under his spell. The closer she gets to him, though, the more she begins to see the things he’s worked so hard to keep hidden from her.

When Annie learns of her own personal connection to the Salem Witch Trials, she doesn’t know whether to fight or flee. She knows she needs Nathaniel’s help to figure out her past, but can she trust him after he’s kept so much from her?