The Demon’s Song

The one man who can save Cadence may also be the one to destroy her.

Shadows cloak Cadence’s every move, but only she can see the swirling darkness and the encroaching shadows threaten more than just her vision. Sinister and evil creatures stalk her from beyond her sight, eager to claim a power hidden within her that she does not yet understand.

But the shadows clear within the presence of her new boss, the dangerously sexy Draven Crane. Draven’s strength comforts Cadence, but his secrets might prove to be just as dangerous as the evils that threaten her.

Draven promises he’ll protect her from the darkness, but Cadence fears trusting the mysterious man. If taken, Cadence will be devoured by evil. If Draven saves her, her life may very well be in the hands of a demon.