**She longed for adventure.**

She longed for adventure. Rori Prescott has spent her entire life working toward this point. One grand adventure in the Serengeti, one amazing trip. Studying big cats is her dream, and she won’t let anyone get in her way. He longed for salvation. Heath Sellers is not the man he used to be. Human by day and lion by night, he’s entirely alone. His own wicked deeds have led to the curse that’s befallen him, and now he’ll do anything to lift it. With Heath as her guide, Rori hopes to find the cats that have called to her for so long. He may be gruff and standoffish, but the voluptuous PhD student can’t take her eyes off him. There’s something to him that draws her in, something powerful, something so animalistic. Something that may have Rori getting even closer to a lion than either of them ever imagined.